Small group training

Small groups can be compared to Personal Training experience. Each lesson is limited for maximum 4 attendants. This way each attendant can benefit from personal guidance through the lesson! 

Small group classes – Summer campaign

We offer reduced prices during the summer season 1.5. – 31.7.2018. You may attend to classes by single ticket or serial card. Attending to classes do not require membership. All classes include heart rate sensor and possibility to monitor heart rate via Polar Club app.

Price list
Single ticket 25 € (original price 37 €)
5 x serial card 119 € (original price 175 €)
10 x serial card 229 € (original price 320 €)

Summer prices valid until 31.7.2018.


SCHEDULE 23.4. – 20.6. 2018

SCHEDULE 25.6. – 15.8. 2018

Read more about lessons!

Body fix 55 min – Body fix targets your core muscles whilst improving the movement of your body. Incorporating breathing as part of your workout, the class is suitable for anyone in need of fast recovery after a tough session here at BeAlive.

Body strength 55 min – In this class which works through the main muscle groups to improve your muscles endurance. A class suitable for all.

Calming Yoga 60 min – A calming class, based on traditional Chinese Yin Yoga. Each position lasts approximately 3 to 5 minutes, letting your mind and body relax. Suitable for all.

Deep stretch 55 min – It’s all in the name, after a light warm up you will stretch the biggest muscle groups in your body. A class suitable for everyone.

Flow Yoga 60 min – Dynamic yoga where movements, positions and breathing combines together. Yoga improves flexibility, strength and balance while helping to relieve stress. Flow Yoga class will let you challenge yourself in your own suitable level by listening your own body. There is a relaxation exercise at the start followed by dynamic part. Eventually it is time for breathing exercise and final relaxing.  A class suitable for everyone.

Heat 55 min – Based around interval training. Beginning with a warm up, then rapidly increasing your heart rate through various circuit training and finishing off with core muscle exercises.

Power 55 min – Shape and mould your body by encompassing all of your muscle groups.

Tabata 45 min – Not for the faint hearted! Sweat, tone and work your muscles by increasing your heart rate.  The training consists of eight 4 minute workout sessions each last 20 seconds followed by 10 minutes rest. After each 4 minute work out there is a rest for 1 minute. If you are looking for a challenge this workout is designed for you in mind.