Small group training

Small group training class schedule 02.10. – 31.12.2017

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Shape 45 min- Shape focuses on toning the muscles in the body. Building strength using your own body weight accompanied by a rage of equipment, including aerobic step platforms, dumbbells and bands. Making this work suitable for all to enjoy.

Booty Blast 45 min- A class aimed at building strength and muscles in the glutes and thighs. The workout focuses on basic lower body exercises and jumps. With a mixture of ankle weights and your own body weight. This is a class for all members to enjoy with the option to adjust the workout to any level of your training.

Body fix 55 min- Body fix targets your core muscles whilst improving the movement of your body. Incorporating breathing as part of your workout, the class is suitable for anyone in need of fast recovery after a tough session here at BeAlive.

Circuit 55 min- This class is all about the building up the heart rate by using different muscle groups in the body. Each interval lasting one minute including warm up and warm down. Adjustable to each person’s current level makes it suitable for all to take part.

Deep stretch 55 min- It’s all in the name, after a light warm up you will stretch the biggest muscle groups in your body. A class suitable for everyone.

Tabata 45 min- Not for the faint hearted! Sweat, tone and work your muscles by increasing your heart rate.  The training consists of eight 4 minute workout sessions each last 20 seconds followed by 10 minutes rest. After each 4 minute work out there is a rest for 1 minute. If you are looking for a challenge this workout is designed for you in mind.

Pilates 55 min- This class is all based around controlled movement, targeting and strengthening the core muscles using your balance. Strengthen and tone your muscles to improve your body and posture. Breathing being a central part of Pilates this is a great addition to your workout and recovery at the gym. Suitable for you at any stage of your development here at beAlive.

Power Pilates 55 min- Take Pilates to the next level by incorporating equipment such as, dumbbells, Pilate’s rings and foam rolls. Increase your strength and tone your muscles. Improving your body and posture. This training is for those who have mastered the basics of Pilates and are ready for their next challenge.

Kettlebell 55 min- This class offers functional exercises, interacting with the whole body and utilizing the kettlebells. The class consists of a warm up, then onto exercise techniques with the kettlebells, moving onto exercises with the kettlebell to increase the heart rate, finishing off with a cool down to relax the muscles. With the choice of weight according to your fitness this class is suitable for all to try.

Power Yoga 60 min- A dynamic Yoga class increasing your endurance and muscle strength by pushing your heart rate and making you sweat. The exercises are intense and versatile. With an added bonus of a theme each week. Suitable for anyone who is familiar with Yoga.

Balancing Yoga 60 min- Mind Body and Balance. This Yoga class can be done either standing up or sitting down along with breathing exercises as part of the session. A time to re-centre yourself, relax and meditate. Suitable for all.

Calming Yoga 60 min- A calming class, based on traditional Chinese Yin Yoga. Each position lasts approximately 3 to 5 minutes, letting your mind and body relax. Suitable for all.

Body strength 55 min- In this class which works through the main muscle groups to improve your muscles endurance. A class suitable for all.

Heat 55 min- Based around interval training. Beginning with a warm up, then rapidly increasing your heart rate through various circuit training and finishing off with core muscle exercises.

Power 55 min- Shape and mould your body by encompassing all of your muscle groups.

Mobility & Core 55 min- A dynamic exercise class using your own body weight and bands. This class is aimed at improving the movements of your body and control of the core muscle groups. A class suitable for all.