BeAlive Gym

Our modern gym offers everything you need from aerobic training to muscle/strength training. Fully upgraded facilities and high-quality TechnoGym cardio and fitness equipment ensure a successful workout experience! You can also take advantage of our stunning gym for a one-time fee.

The parking space is not included in one-time payments or series cards.

BeAlive serial cards for gym:

  • Single ticket 25,00 €
  • 5 x serial card 125,00 (valid for 2 months from the date purchased)
  • 10 x serial card 250,00 € (valid for 4 months from the date purchased)
  • 20 x serial card 450,00 € (valid for 7 months from the date purchased)


– Quality cosmetics in changing rooms for our members to use
– A relaxing sauna
– Lounge-area for relaxing or working
– Workout and bath towels
– Drinking machine (still and sparkling water)
– Coffee, tea