Our masseuses will bring relief to your muscles’ tension and pains, and help you to relax in the middle of everyday hurry. Massage is an excellent tool for body care.

Classical / Sports massage

Classical massage relaxes your muscles and caresses your mind. Sports massage is important part of muscle recovery. Sports massage differs from classical massage by its technique. Both massage styles are ideal to stimulate the metabolism and relieves stress.

Hot stone massage

A hot stone massage is a great way to treat your body and relax. The masseuse heats basalt river rocks and carefully places them on specific points on the back to help muscles lose tensional heal. A hot stone massage is an effective way to treat muscle pain and aches or to just plainly relax and enjoy a heated massage.


Acupuncture is a treatment based on ancient traditional Chinese remedies that focuses on
reducing pain. Acupuncture has no side effects as the treatment is based on activating the nervous system and normalizing metabolism in order to target and heal tension areas in the body.


Osteopathy is an effective treatment aimed at improving and maintaining health and the body’s well-being. Our professional osteopath will analyze the functional problems of your muscular and skeletal frame. The training of our expert osteopaths is focused on human physiology and anatomy.


Thai sport massage 60/90 min
Thai massage to improve blood circulation, relax tight muscles and relieve stress. The muscles are deeply massaged and stretched with the massage therapist using their palms, elbows and arms. You will come away with the feeling of having been stretched, light and energetic and full of well-being.

Balinese massage 60/90 min
Balinese massage focuses on the deep muscles. This traditional Asian massage method relieves stress, pain and tension throughout the whole body.

Aromatherapy massage 60/90 min
This is a relaxing massage and suits tired and worn-out bodies. The calming massage soothes tense muscles using warm oil.

Ayurveda hot stone massage 60/90 min
An effective relaxing massage performed using heated basalt stones and aroma oil blends. Massaging with warm stones opens blocks in your muscles, relieves pain and relaxes you.

Shoulder, neck and head massage 30 min
Shoulder, neck and head massage to soothe away tensions in your upper body, break down knots and improve your flexibility. You will feel relaxed and re-energized.

Indian head massage 45 min
Indian head massage is based on a thousand-year-old Ayurvedic treatment, using pressure from the fingers and thumbs to reduce stress and calm your mind. Your therapist will use warm coconut oil in this treatment.

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