Personal Training

Personal training

Our personal trainers will help you feel better. They guide you towards your exercise goals, taking into account your current fitness level.

Using a personal trainer is a great way to seek motivation and variation in individual training. If you do not know what and how to do it, then Personal Trainer will be your solution! Our professional trainers tailor the training according to the customer’s fitness level so that you can get the most out of your workout. You will always learn new ideas and techniques that can be applied when training alone.

Now you can workout together with your friend and Personal Trainer! PT DUO includes a tailor-made workout with both participants’ goals and levels in mind. Workout with your friend and Personal Trainer brings you the benefits of double fun, commitment and extra motivation to your workout.

Personal Trainer services (individual)
1 training 100 €
5 trainings 469 €
10 trainings 879 €
20 trainings 1 649 €

Personal Trainer PT DUO services
1 training 159 €
5 trainings 745 €
10 trainings 1 390 €
20 trainings 2 580 €

In addition to guidance, there will be a one-time fee for the gym according to the price list or a deduction from the gym series card in connection with guidance, if you do not have a membership.

The parking space is not included in one-time payments or series cards.

1 time €25.00
5 times €125.00 (valid for 2 months from the date of purchase)
10 times €250.00 (valid for 4 months from the date of purchase)
20 times €450.00 (valid for 7 months from the date of purchase)