Release 19.8

Release 19.8

August starts to turn to September soon, the evenings are getting darker and the number of visitors to BeAlive has started to grow gratifyingly. We have also received new members, which we warmly welcome!


The autumn, on the other hand, has not brought about a change in the fact that corona virus related restrictions keeps changing. It’s sometimes hard to keep up with the developments of the ever-changing corona restrictions, but we try to follow the authorities ’instructions carefully.


The updated rules basically stipulate that all members and customers must be able to maintain safety distance (2 meters) inside the premises. We ask everyone to consider others, especially in locker rooms and when using cardio equipment, where situations can easily arise where the distance to one can be less than two meters over sustained periods of time. With regard to changing rooms and shower rooms, we recommend that there be a maximum of three people in the rooms at the same time and we hope that no unnecessary time is spent in the rooms so that others do not have to wait outside long periods. Unfortunately, due to the corona, we have to make this request even though we hope that our beautiful sauna facilities will be really enjoyed. Also access for larger groups from the hotel is limited to three people at a time. In addition, of course, we ask that the equipment be carefully wiped after use. BeAlive has paper towels and bottles with detergent available in many different locations.



The BeAlive team