Release 27.4.2021

BeAlive will open its gym again for its members on Thursday 29.4 at 7am!

1.5 closed

13.5 closed

In its press release dated 22 April, the Regional State Administrative Agency of Southern Finland (AVI) has announced that the closure of sports and recreation facilities will not be continued after 28 April. Therefore, we can open our doors again!

AVI maintains the provision of the Provisional Infectious Diseases Act 58d that customers must have a real opportunity to avoid close contact with each other.

AVI defines close contact as follows: “Close contact means physical contact or staying face-to-face or in the same room in a distance less than two meters for more than 15 minutes. Operators should make a written plan for how they will prevent close contact between the public and customers. The means can be defined by the actors themselves. If it is not possible to arrange the activities as required by law, the premises cannot be used.

We implement AVI’s decision in the same manner as earlier in the spring, ie we offer our members the opportunity to use our services in a limited and controlled way, taking into account the severity and unpredictability of the situation as well as the Infectious Diseases Act.

We therefore maintain a pre-closure “slot system” to ensure that BeAlive always has a maximum of 10 people at any given time. We want to follow the principles that guarantee everyone a “own space” to work out and take a shower. We ask you to pay special attention to other members / customers using our dressing and shower rooms. We have limited the number of people in these areas to two persons.

If you would like to come to train or use other BeAlive services, please contact our reception. The booking system works by calling reception or sending an email to us and booking your own two-hour slot. The slot times are:

From Monday to Thursday:7-9, 9-11, 11-13, 13-15, 15-17, 17-19, 19-21

On Friday the slots are the same as Monday – Thursday, but the last slot ends at 19.

Saturdays:9-11, 11-13, 13-15

Sundays:10-13, 13-15

It is important to follow the “slot times” strictly so that the limit of 10 people is not exceeded. We would therefore like to emphasise the importance of following the instructions dated 25th of February 2021 (available in the gym, sent electronically), which we repeat here in relevant respects:

”1. In our premises, close contacts take place usually in the changing rooms and shower rooms. We ask you to avoid having more than two people in the changing rooms at the same time. We ask that you reserve enough time, as sometimes it may be necessary to wait for your turn to enter the dressing room. We also ask you to act relatively quickly in the shower and sauna facilities, especially during peak times. Of course, taking a shower at home after a workout is also a good and perhaps also a recommended option in the current situation.

2. In case of cardios, it is advisable not to use equipment next to a machine that is reserved for training, because our cardio equipment are placed quite close to each other. We ask that you show courtesy to other trainers and exercise caution.

3. Regarding other exercise equipment, you should also pay attention to safety distances.

4. In the Spa Lounge you can wait for the start of a massage, for example, or enjoy a shake after the workout, but of course the same safety distances also apply in the Spa Lounge.

5. AVI’s extended mask use recommendation naturally also applies in our Health Club, but there is no obligation to use a face mask.

6. We ask you, as we have often written before and the signs on the walls remind us, to use hand sanitisers available in the gym regularly and to clean the equipment after use.

7. Our staff will be happy to answer any questions you may have and will also monitor compliance with the above instructions. ” The closure of the gym was an economic setback for us, but we were able to dampen the impact by renting the gym and that concept proved to be surprisingly popular.

We would like to thank our awesome members for their loyalty, encouragement and support during these extraordinary times. This place exists because of you and we are doing this work with all our hearts for you!