Our modern gym offers everything from cardio to strength training. With fully updated and high quality Technogym equipment to deliver you a successful training experience.

Personal training

Our personal trainers will give you the assurance you need to get yourself to the very best you can be. They will lead you towards your fitness and wellness goals, creating a tailored program around your current level of fitness and health. Through your journey our personal trainers will also guide you to include exercise and health as part of your everyday life.


Our physiotherapists focus on improving your body’s performance and movements, also in a pre-emptive manner. Our skillful professionals will help you to heal your possible pain points in your body.


Our experienced masseuses will help you to unwind and relax after a busy day in the tranquil setting of our spa. Whether you are to enjoy a pampering session with a range of treatments or as an excellent way for you to maintain your body’s performance, helping prevent strain and injury for muscles and joints.


Our cosmetologists offer wide range of treatments. Each member finding a treatment suitable to their needs. This is a way to invest in yourself and leave feeling transform, ensuring you feel confident from the inside and out.

Yoga classes

Our yoga instructors will introduce you to the secrets of yoga. Yoga is an exercise that is meant to increase your strength and flexibility. Our classes focus on listening to your body, breathing and creating a peaceful feeling. Yoga is an excellent way to maintain your body’s health as it relaxes and increases flexibility. Yoga classes are organized as small group sessions.


Our Pilates instructors focus especially on balance and breathing in their classes. The purpose is to increase strength, mobility and endurance. The exercises strengthen the whole body, but the biggest effect is on deep core muscles.


Enjoy the use of our pool area of the hotel, situated on the 9th floor looking out onto the transcendent views of Töölönlahti bay. After taking a dip in the pool slowly unwind at our sauna to relax and recharge yourself. Swimming pool is open from 7am to 10pm, maintenace break is from 1pm to 3pm.


A treatment based on ancient traditional Chinese remedies focused on reducing pain. Acupuncture has no side effects as the treatment is based on activating the nerve system and normalizing metabolism, to heal and target areas of tension in the body.


Osteopathy is an effective treatment aimed at improving and maintaining health and body’s well-being. Our professional osteopath will analyze the functional problems of your muscular and skeletal frame. Our osteopath is an expert whose training is focused on human physiology and anatomy.


Our beautiful lounge area is the perfect place to come to, whether you would like to relax with other club members or work in peaceful setting. Revitalize yourself with one of our delicious smoothies of your choice after a workout in the gym or treatment at the spa.


Our classes are small groups, usually less than 5 people with our personal trainer. Keeping the group size small allows our trainer to maintain a one on one approach and focus on tailoring the individual needs of each of the members in the class.

Changing rooms

You will find in our luxurious changing rooms have all you need to finish your day at BeAlive, ranging from hair care products, cosmetics and a selection of perfumery.


In both of our changing rooms you can relax and appreciate the experience of a traditional Finnish sauna.