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The Story

The inspiration for the BeAlive Health Club is Bea, the daughter of the owner. Bea, adorable 11-years-old girl, she is truly real sunshine for the people around her. Being a mother has taught the owner, Johanna, persistence and growth, as being an entrepreneurship has not always been the easiest road to take. Johanna’s guiding principle is to show example of how perseverance and stamina can help you prosper in the long term. Johanna’s philosophy is to have steady belief in her own ideas and hard work to reach her dreams.

The name of the Health Club BeAlive came about from the name of the daughter and the meaning of the words ‘be’ and ‘alive’. It means being alive in the here and now. We want to encourage everybody to move in a best way suitable for him or her. Our goal is to help our members to exercise regularly and take care of their own well-being under our professional guidance. We have created a fun environment and we don’t take ourselves too seriously here at BeAlive. However, we will always maintain impeccable professional standards and services for our clients.

BeAlive Health Club

How did it all start?

Johanna Muhonen, the owner of the gym, is a 39-year-old professional personal trainer, who has been active in sports since a young age. She has been active in floor ball, boxing and running. The gym became an influential part of her life during the high school years.

She trained as a spinning instructor when she lived in the US, there is where she came to the realization that being a fitness professional was her dream job. The work with fitness had to wait for a while after returning to Finland as she took a job as an airline hostess. She enjoyed the customer-oriented work but after two years she became pregnant with her daughter Bea. At that point she left her job to focus on taking care of herself by exercising and taking time to relax.

3 months after Bea’s birth, Johanna ventured back into her past time of modelling and photo-shoots. After the photo-shoots she received many questions about how she was able to recover so fast after the pregnancy. The key to her recovery was listening to her own body and mind. At a younger age she would train very hard focusing on her appearance and went training even if it would feel straining. Today Johanna has a different outlook and her philosophy is that it is a bonus to look good, but is much more important to feel great within and that will in turn reflect on the external appearance. Motherhood taught her that time is therapy and that will help to keep up your stamina and relieve stress.

After good exercise it is well deserved to indulge in good food. It is important to enjoy life and take it easy in the middle of all the hustle and bustle of life. The great feeling after exercise encouraged Johanna to make the decision to stay with the fitness profession for the rest of her life.

Johanna was given the opportunity to be entrepreneur and owner of a gym where she had been a personal trainer for many years. What added personal meaning to Johanna was the location of the gym in Töölö, this where her daughter was born and is still to this day full of fond memories.

Johanna grabbed the opportunity to be the manager of the gym because she wants to spread her philosophy of sustainable exercise and well-being all round. Come to BeAlive Health Club and fall in love with exercise!